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This is an alphabetical listing of all Common Names for Succulent Plants that are listed on

Select one of the names below to see the species on with that name or click on a letter to view names beginning with that letter.

You are currently viewing all Common Names for Succulent Plants that start with the letter "M".

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Madagascan Ocotillo
Madagascar Ocotillo
Madagascar Palm
Madagascar Widow's-Thrill
Madusa's Head
Magora (Tarahumara)
Maguey de Pulque
Maiden's Quiver Tree
Malagache Aloe
Mary's Tree
Mauritius Hemp
McKelvey's Century Plant
Medicinal Aloe
Mediterranean Hemp
Medusa's Head
Melon Spurge
Mescal Ceniza
Mescal Pelon
Mexican Grass Tree
Mexican Lily
Mexican Tree Ocotillo
Mimicry Plant
Miniature Pine Tree
Mohave Yucca
Molassas Flower Aloe
Moroccan Mound
Moss Pygmyweed
Mother of Thousands
Moundlily Yucca
Mountain Aloe
Mountain Cabbage Tree
Mountain Yucca
Mukul Myrrh Tree
Murphy's Agave
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