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Notes for the Genus:


Gibbaeum are a genus of dwarf succulents forming small clumps or tufts. Stems, if present, tend to be short and grow upright or horizontally. The asymmetry of the leaf pairs is a distinguishing characteristic of the genus. Gibbaeum leaves may be round or oblong, verging sometimes on the cylindrical, smooth or hairy, and ranging in color from gray-white to reddish brown to various shades of green and blue-green. Some species resemble Conophytum in that they produce a papery sheath when dormant. The flowers are pink or white and appear from late winter to early summer. Gibbaeum are winter growers. The genus is found almost exclusively in the Little Karoo, Western Cape Province, South Africa, and to a slight extent into the Northern Cape Province. The range of the species falls in a summer and winter rainfall area.

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