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Notes for the Genus:


The genus Lithops is found in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana and is one of the most popular and sought after groups of succulents. Lithops are characterized by paired leaves fused in a tapering cone-like body with smooth flat or rounded tops that are adorned with ridges, warts, islands, wrinkles, windows, and sometimes colorful markings. The flowers, which are either white or yellow, emerge from between the leaf pairs in autumn or winter. Lithops are summer growers and as a general rule, they should be watered in summer and fall; water should be withheld in the winter during latency so that the new leaves can properly absorb the old. Lithops like a well-drained growing medium and plenty of sun. They are usually propagated by seed. Desmond and Naureen Cole have been responsible for introducing all species and a good number of popular cultivars into cultivation.

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