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This is an alphabetical listing of all Common Names for Succulent Plants that are listed on

Select one of the names below to see the species on with that name or click on a letter to view names beginning with that letter.

You are currently viewing all Common Names for Succulent Plants that start with the letter "C".

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Cabbage on a Stick
Canary Island Spurge
Candelabra Tree
Candle Plant
Cape Aloe
Carrion Flower
Carrion Plant
Carrion cactus
Cat's Tail Aloe
Century Plant
Chabaud's Aloe
Chahuiqui Agave
Chalk Dudleya
Chaparral Yucca
Cherry Coke Bromeliad
Cherry Cola Bromeliad
Chinese Dunce Cap
Chisos Agave
Cliff Spurge
Cliff Stonecrop
Climbing Aloe
Climbing Onion
Club Foot
Club foot
Coast Agave
Coast Dudleya
Coastal Century Plant
Coke Can Aloe
Coloured Sterculia
Common Iceplant
Common Yucca
Cone Plants
Cooper's Aloe
Coppery Mesemb
Coral Aloe
Corn Cob Euphorbia
Corsican Stonecrop
Cow Horn Agave
Cow's Horn Euphorbia
Creeping Shrubby Ice Plant
Crooked Yellow Stonecrop
Crown of Thorns
Crystalline Ice Plant
Cuajiote Blanco
Cup Kalanchoe
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